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What’s new in Flutter 3

Flutter 3 is officially released with some exciting features. In the previous stable release, Flutter has given stable support for Windows. In addition to the previously supported platforms Flutter is now stable for macOS and Linux. Flutter 3 updates in mainly based on desktop app with some minor updates for mobile apps.

  • Stable for all desktop platforms
  • Universal binaries on macOS
  • Variable refresh rate support for  iOS
  • Foldable phone support
  • Image decoding in web
  • LifeCycle for web apps
  • Material 3 support
  • Theme extensions
  • Android Inline ads

Stable for all desktop platformsFlutter 3 is now supporting Android, iOS, Web, Windows, macOS, and Linux. Supporting all six platforms with a single codebase.

Universal binaries on macOSNow in flutter 3, we can able to take universal binaries for macOS with native support for Intel-based Macs and Apple silicon devices.

Variable refresh rate support for  iOSPreviously in the Flutter version refresh rate for iOS with ProMotion is 60Hz. Now it is updated up to 120Hz. As result, it gives a smoother scrolling and animation experience on iOS devices.

Foldable phone supportWe can able to see some foldable mobile phones are releasing in the market and people are also showing interest in foldable devices. But in the previous Flutter version, we can able to give support for foldable phones. But in Flutter 3, we can able to give support for foldable phones. Flutter is providing new widgets to give amazing experiences in foldable devices.

Image decoding in web appsThe new API uses the browser’s built-in image codecs to decode images asynchronously off the main thread. This doubles the speed of image decoding and never blocks the main thread, removing all jank previously caused by images.

LifeCycle for web appsThe new lifecycle API for Flutter web applications allows you the freedom to manage your Flutter app’s bootstrap procedure from the HTML page that hosts it, and it works with Lighthouse to assess your app’s performance.

Material 3 SupportThe new era of Material Design is known as Material 3 (often referred to as Material You). The extensive revisions include several foundation improvements, font tweaks, and updates for numerous components.

Theme extensionsNow, with Theme extensions, you may add anything to the Material Library’s ThemeData. You can provide ThemeData.extensions rather than extending ThemeData and performing copyWith, lerp, and other techniques once again.

Android Inline adsTransitions, scrolling, and other user interactions are all substantially more efficient when utilising the Google mobile advertisements package. Platform views made with Flutter 3.0 can do away with the need for a framework to wait for Android views before starting.

ConclusionFrom this release, we can able to understand that Flutter is getting more powerful, and growing fast. So, We don’t need to hesitate to use Flutter for our upcoming project.

Kavinkumar , Flutter Team

Mallow Technologies Pvt Ltd

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