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What’s New in iOS 15

As, We all expected Apple’s latest version iOS 15 as been introduced on June 2021. iOS 15 brings in new features for Focus Mode, FaceTime, Live Text, Widgets, so on.


  • Apple IOS 15 brings more enhancement to FaceTime to improve the FaceTime Audio and Video experience.
  • In IOS 15 FaceTime adds some more additional features than IOS 14.
  • There are as flows
    • Blur background of the user FaceTime call,
    • Block Background Noise in FaceTime with Voice isolation,
    • Invite Android Users to a FaceTime call.

Blur background of the user FaceTime call

  • One of the added features is in portrait mode. When the User enables the portrait mode the background will be blurred so that focus will be total on the person who is in the face time call rather than what’s behind the person who enabled the portrait mode.
  • This feature is commonly used in the app like ZOOM, Teams, and GoogleMeet to avoid distraction behind the User.

Block Background Noise in FaceTime with Voice isolation

  • This feature makes it a viable alternative to rival video conferencing apps. 
  • It also can be used in third-party applications like Teams, WhatsApp. 
  • Voice Isolation makes it easier for the people who access FaceTime or third-party applications will have a clear Voice on a Video call.

Invite Android Users to a FaceTime call

  • Using this new facility who do not have Apple Account can login to FaceTime call with the user using a web browser opened on any other Devices.
  • Once Apple user sent the link and another recipient opens it will be redirected to a web page where they can access FaceTime without Apple Device.

Focus Mode

  • IOS 15 gives a powerful feature that helps the user to reduce distraction and focus on their work.
  • In this focus mode customers can create a custom focus on their device to focus on one work completely.
  • This feature includes auto replaying for messages when we are focus on another work.
    • For example, When we are focus on Gaming, a message is interrupted we can use auto replay to replay that “am playing game”


  • iOS 15 has few more new updates on home screen widgets, They are
    • Find My widget
    • Contacts widget
    • Game Centre widget
    • App Store widget
    • Sleep widget
    • Mail widget
    • Reorder Smart Stacks

Find My widget

  • It is easily to track your personal items right from the HomeScreen with the Find My

Contacts widget

  • Include options to Call, Message, FaceTime, location, Mail, Contacts, you can approve purchase or Screen time requests from kids

Game Centre Widget

  • The continue playing widget shows recently played Game center games, and friends are playing widget shows the games your friends are playing.

App Store widget

  • The App Store widget displays stories, collections, and new in-app event options on the Home Screen. 

Sleep widget

  • Shows the data about how you slept and lets you review your sleeping schedule.

Mail widget

  • Shows your latest email at a glance and offers up access to one of your mail boxes.

Reorder Smart Stacks

  • Users can easily rearrange in widgets in their Smart Stacks right from the Home Screen with new controls.

Live Text

  • Apple introduced a new feature called Live Text that can recognize text when it open in your camera’s viewfinder or in a photo you’ve taken and let you perform several actions with it.
  • It also incorporates optical character recognition(OCR), so you can search for a handwritten note in your photos and save it as text.
  • Live Text works in the photo app just like as faultless. So, if you ever come across any image and wish to extract text from it, you can get it done with ease.
  • Select your text photo, then easily copy the text or share it on any platform.
  • You can use phone numbers from photos for a quick call in just one touch.

Mohan S,
iOS Team,
Mallow Technologies.

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