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Policy violation on Google Play

Having troubles in releasing your ingenious app in Google’s playstore?

Yeah, we know how your travel goes until you push your good work into the store. Even the seasoned developers feel frustrating when their apps are pushed out of the store even before having a round in the market.

This may happen due to few types of policy review outcomes by Google when you try to release an app into the store and they are,


When you update an app or submit a new one, rejections can occur. It is common when your APK has spam meta data information or repeated keywords. This is one of the point behind rejections.


Your already updated/live APK might be removed in some corner cases including any previous versions, if there are any violations for the Google’s ever updated policies. It can happen when the info of answers given during the app creation mismatches with the contents of the app.


This happens incase of any further serious violations of the Google policies. For example, the suspension occurs when your app contains any malware(who knows, but Google does) or inappropriate informations. It can result in removal of all your app versions, ratings ad reviews, which can also lead to suspension of your app bundle, so you can never try to use it again.


As said, when there are multiple outcomes from Google policies and violations towards your account, then you will be terminated from releasing an app in Google play again with your account. So be cautious in sorting out the policies of Google before you release your award winner into the store.

Google’s Policy Categories

Below are Google’s policy categories, based on which your app is judged before releasing it in the store. This can also help you to maintain a good reputation of your console’s account when followed diligently,

1) Restricted Content:

  • Child Endangerment
  • Inappropriate Content
  • Financial Services
  • Gambling
  • Illegal Activities
  • User Generated Content
  • Unapproved Substances

2) Impersonation and Intellectual Property

3) Privacy, Security, and Deception

  • User Data
  • Permissions
  • Device and Network Abuse
  • Malicious Behaviour
  • Deceptive Behaviour
  • Misrepresentation

4) Monetisation and Ads

  • Payments
  • Subscriptions and Cancellations
  • Ads
  • Ad Network Certification

5) Store Listing and Promotion

  • App Promotion
  • Metadata
  • User Ratings, Reviews, and Installs
  • Content Ratings

6) Spam and Minimum Functionality

7) Other Programs

  • Android Instant Apps

8) Families

  • Designing Apps for Children and Families
  • Ads and Monetization

9) Enforcement

  • Policy Coverage
  • Enforcement Process
  • Managing and Reporting Policy Violations

10) Updates and Other Resources.

For more details on the policies, please visit the Developer Policy Center

Hope you will be ready to release your masterpiece into the Google playstore without any policy violations now.

-Indirajith M.
Android Development team,
Mallow Technologies.

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