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Evolution of Software testing – Automation

In this blog, let me walk you through the Automation testing process and why it is replacing manual testing day by day, so that you will get some idea on the process.

Automation testing

It uses special software tools to control the execution of tests and later compares the actual test results with predicted or expected results. Doing so reduces manual effort yet not compromising with the quality. Automation tool mimics those same steps by using scripting or a programming language like Javascript, Perl, Python, Ruby, VBScript, Unix Shell script, Tcl, etc. Automation testing mainly used to perform repeated testing like Regression. Automation can be more effective than manual testing in quality, code coverage, easy bug fixing, etc.

Why we go for automation testing?

The main reason why people go for Automation testing is to save time. Initially, it will take time to prepare the framework and scripting but once the framework is done, automation is a fast process. It is 70% faster than manual testing. Tester does not need to spend their full time in testing the whole module. Instead, they can run the automated test scripts and can see some other project work. Human makes mistakes, but the system will not. We tend to make mistakes when we do the same testing repeatedly and it can be avoided by using the automation testing.

One can increase the depth and scope of tests by performing automated software testing and can help improve software quality. Incase the texts are lengthy, they are often avoided during manual testing whereas here can be run unattended. Another additional feature is that we can run them on multiple computers that use different configurations. Executing thousands of different complex test cases can be done by test automation, during every test run providing coverage that is impossible with manual tests. Sometimes, humans will miss the bug but the system will throw the error so that we can fix the bug. That’s the reason, companies are preferring automation testers and they are getting more pay than manual/functional testers.

Difference between automation and manual testing

  • Automation uses tools and languages to perform testing whereas Manual testing uses manual efforts
  • Automation testing takes lesser time than manual testing
  • Comparatively, Automation Test case coverage is higher than the manual test cases
  • Some automation tools are payable and some are open source.
  • Initial investment for manual testing is comparatively lower than the automation testing and its tools
  • Initial stages the testing is done by manual and once the app is stable and then automation is done.
  • UI testing is done by manual and functionality, load and performance is done by automation.

Tools for automation testing

Below are the tools used for the automation process:

1) Ranorex
2) TestComplete
4) Katalon Studio
5) Selenium
8) LambdaTest
9) CrossBrowserTesting
10) Testimony
11) Appium
12) Micro Focus UFT
13) Test Studio
14) Testsigma

Testsigma is an automation tool for which tester does not need knowledge on the programming languages since it uses only the normal English language in the commands. It is a paid tool that supports Web, iOS & Android Apps and API automated testing.

I hope you all got some information on the automation testing and its process. Will catch you all in my next blog which is about Testsigma tool 🙂

Start automating !

-Mathubhala Logesh,
Testing Team,
Mallow technologies.

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