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Monitor the Application Performance with Retrace

What is retrace?

Retrace is a tool for monitoring the Application Performance (Application Performance Monitoring tool – APM). It combines several tools in one by performing code level server monitoring, performance profiling, centralised application logging, application monitoring, error tracking, and more. Retrace is an affordable alternative to expensive products like New Relic, AppDynamics, Dynatrace, and others. 


– App Performance Management

APM solutions collect a lot of data about the performance of our applications. Only Retrace combines all of this data into an easy to understand App Score. Retrace allows you to monitor your user satisfaction. By using the industry-standard apdex scoring, Retrace can identify which requests are fast, sluggish, too slow, or failed. Satisfaction scoring enables you to monitor your application’s performance readily in real-time.

Deployment monitoring from Retrace makes it simple to see if your application’s output has altered as a result of deployment. And recognise rapidly if performance or error rates have changed from deployment to deployment. And also finds the slowest part of the application (like SQL query, Redis or even specific HTTP web service down or slow).

Retrace track your top SQL queries rapidly depending on the number of executions or their percentage of total time. It defines each SQL query you perform, providing you very thorough reporting.

– Code Profiling

Retrace monitors only your code’s main techniques and is secure for use in production. In this APM, all standard application frameworks and dependencies are automatically supported. It also gathers detailed snapshots of what is being done by your code and how long it takes.

Retrace tracks each of your code’s SQL queries. This includes how long they take as well as other key details. Most applications leverage multiple external web services. Retrace will monitor usage and efficiency wherever HTTP requests are made by your code.

Almost all kinds of HTTP demands are endorsed automatically. It can be very complex to profile and understand the efficiency of async software. Retrace promotes contemporary models of async design for. NET and Java. Dozens of common frameworks are supported out of the box with no code changes.

Error Tracking

The powerful code profiling of Retrace can even track errors that you don’t log. Identify large spikes in errors quickly before affecting all of your customers. Notify yourself when a fresh form of mistake is found in your app. Identify new mistakes that occur immediately after a fresh deployment.

Monitor error rates to guarantee the smooth running of your application. Some errors occur all the time and are fundamentally noise. They may be mistakes you may not be able to solve in your software, or they may be random SQL timeouts or similar mistakes. You can ignore certain mistakes with Retrace.

If you need to see them, they are still being tracked, but they are being suppressed from normal reporting so they don’t skew your reporting. Retrace gathers a lot of background information about what happens when you throw an error. For error reporting reasons, this information can be very helpful.

– Centralised Logging

Access all your application logs in all apps and servers from a single location. Get the complete error context that appears in your records. Logging objects and searchable characteristics make our logging smarter.

For your log messages and filtering on any captured areas, full-text searching is accessible. For stuff like app name, environment, server name, log type, and log level, several fast filters are readily available. All you need to do is placed a # in your records, and Retrace will be responsible for tagging.

– App & Server Metrics

Easily create custom dashboards to track what’s important. Retrace can easily monitor applications that scale up and down. Retrace’s powerful combination of APM, error tracking, log management, and application metrics creates an unparalleled ability to monitor your applications. Retrace tracks each of your Windows & Linux servers automatically. You can even configure your server’s monitoring templates.

From this blog, you would have known the features and significance of retrace. We shall see its integration with Laravel in our future blogs.

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Mallow Technologies.

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