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Interesting features of Android Q

Google released Android 10(Android Q), a major release of the Android Mobile operating system, on Sep 3, 2019. Google has added many new features to its latest Mobile Operating System Android Q or Android 10. Android 10 has major enhancements in user experience, privacy and security. The main note is Google abandons the convention of naming the Android versions with a  dessert name from Android 10.

Android 10 new features:

1. Foldable Phone Support

Android 10 system, building on robust multi-window support and extends multitasking across application windows and provides screen continuity to maintain your application state as the device folds or unfolds.  Android 10 added the number of improvements in OnResume and OnPause to Support multi-resume and notify the application when it had focused.

2. Dark Mode

Android 10 adds a system-wide dark theme ideal for low light and helps save battery. Users can activate a new system-wide dark theme by going to Settings or turning on Battery Saver. This changes the device UI to dark and enables the dark theme of apps that support it. In the Android 10 operating system ,Power Mode will get Dark Mode feature.

3. Gesture Navigation

The gesture navigation feature of Android 10 will help users to access Google Assistant by simply swiping the screen from any corner.

4. Sharing Shortcut

Earlier, the sharing functionality was too lazy, when the user taps on the share button, the user has to wait for few seconds while the share sheet is loading. In Android 10, the share sheets will load instantly via Sharing shortcuts. App developers can add their shortcuts to the system shortcut manager so that the system is aware of the share shortcuts.

5. Privacy and Permissions

Android 10 system, central focused on Privacy and stronger protections in the platform to new features designed with privacy in mind.  Android 10 includes extensive changes to protect the privacy and give users more control, with improved system UI, stricter permissions, and restrictions. See the Privacy and permissions.

6. Device Location

Android 10 system, users will get more control when they get a location. This will make the app work, only when it is running or in the background all the time. The user can ever allow the app to view the location.

7. Emergency Shortcut

Android 10 system also includes a new Emergency Button, which can be accessed from Power Menu. Through this, the user will be able to call Emergency calls in a short time.

8. Smart Reply in notifications

Android 10 also includes a on-device ML to suggest contextual actions in notifications, such as smart replies for messages or opening a map for an address in the notification. The application can take advantage of this feature right away, without the need to do anything. The system provided smart replies and actions are inserted directly into notifications by default. 

9. Screenshot Notch

Android 10 Operating System Mobile answer, will remove your screenshot and your notch will also be there. Well, it was needed, but it has support in the new operating system of Android 10.

10. Scope Storage

This will give you more control over access to Shared files. Will also be handy to the users to control the access of the app to photos, video, and audio collection through new runtime permissions.

Android 10 has currently rolled out to Google Pixel phones and the exciting news is that others will get the new version soon. The striking feature is, with every new release Google packs some new stuff in its already awesome operating system. Though various new features are introduced, Android still manages to keep it user friendly.
Users who got the new stuff, Enjoy!.

Manikandan K,
Android Developer,
Mallow Technologies.

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