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Why End-to-End Solutions ?

Software development is a vast area, where none can limit themselves to one domain. To create an application, choosing the correct software solution might be a nightmare and appointing different development companies for each module is a hard task. Clarifying the requirement to each group of developers and receiving the expected output might add to the burden. And as a client, Partnering up with the right and trustworthy developer is the crucial element for the idea to move forward. What if there was a way to sort all of the above ? Then won’t it be the most sought after option? One such way is the end-to-end solution .

What does end-to-end solution mean?

The very common meaning of end-to-end solution is that, a company takes up a service for a client completely from the beginning of the project till the end which includes installation, integration, setup and support of the software. Adding to this, the client will be provided with all the hardware requirements and consultations regarding the service whenever needed. To sum it up, one organisation will provide overall service for a project thereby easing the client to deal with the same organisation for all the services. 


End-to-End Solutions

Benefits of end-to-end solutions 

Increased efficiency:

The increased productivity generated by end-to-end solution is the reason for this to be the most preferred option. The whole system is integrated by a single organisation, reducing the use of a middle man and related consequences. The overall process is streamlined and operates in a flow, as the organisation decides the priority of tasks thereby increasing the efficiency and performance. 

Cost cutting solution:

This is an apparent reason and is also the main selling factor. For instance, when a Client uses different organisations for a single project, managing all the software would require additional man power which eventually increases the cost of the project . If a single organisation takes care of the whole process then the hassle is reduced, work is streamlined and the expense is lowered.

Ease of learning:

When a system throughout is handled by a single organisation, developers can learn quickly and upgrade for advancements along the process. If different companies take up individual tasks, the learning factor will be interrogative and advancements will be detained.

Faster solutions to problems:

An organisation providing end-to-end solution, will have complete knowledge of the project. Hence all the solutions are preplanned and issues are avoided. Incase any problem arises, it will be tackled within thereby minimising disruption. The overall process is speeded up, increasing the efficiency.

Maintains pace in a changing environment:

Generally end-to-end solutions are provided by organisations that offer a complete system .Thus they maintain their pace even if they are in a constantly changing environment i.e. changing requirements and demands. Inspite of those changes, the outcome meets expectation which adds to the good factor of end-to-end solutions

Transparent process:

This is one feature that multiple companies working for a single client cannot give.Whatever be the data, it is shared across the organisation crossing all the needed levels. The beneficial factor is that the areas that need improvement are identified easily and are improved. All the developers and the client will have an idea of what is going on in the project .

Businesses are in search of the best end-to-end solutions and here we provide it with the best quality.

Sowndarya Rasappan,
Business Analyst – Intern,
Mallow Technologies

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