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5 Advanced features in Google Maps you should know

Google has introduced 5 advanced features in Google maps. These features enhance the way Google maps can be used and proves to be useful to the user in many ways. The following are the features that were introduced,

  1. Material Design concept
  2. Explore 
  3. For you
  4. Lists
  5. Your Matches

Now we are going to see these features in brief.

Material Design in Google maps :

Nowadays, the material design is all over google apps. It provides UI with more colourful and attractive design. Google has improved it Search at the top of the Android home screen with rounded corner and shadows. In google maps, the material design is applied to tabs, texts, button and so on. Animation and effects are added to it.



Explore – Local guides list

Explore provides refreshed feeds experience and it is very useful for us to find cafes, takeaways and restaurants in a very quick time. We can explore the places no matters wherever you are in the world. It helps us to plan a trip or explore new places around. 

Explore also show you top events, shopping places, activities going around your area. You can apply filters and find activities that fit your mood.


For you – Notable spots

For you, the tab will let you know everything happening in your place you care about. Your place may be near home, work or even city. By following your neighbours allows you to see new places that match your taste.

For You

For you tab is only available in US, UK, Canada, Australia and Japan.

Your matches – Dumplings

Based on your recent history, likes and rating it will find the relevant places for you. Location history is important for this feature, you must turn it on. Instead of reading all reviews, you can quickly choose from your matches. You can improve it by giving a rating, likes and visiting places.  

Your match


You can add the places to the lists.

List types :

  1. Favourites
  2. Want to go
  3. Starred places.

Lists provide options to share the list of places and location with your friends, family and so on.

Once the saved button is clicked, it will ask you to save the place in one of the above lists. Then you can share it.




We have seen in detail about the new features introduced in Google Maps by Google. This helps us in utilizing the application in a much better manner and make the most out of it. In future, we will see in detail about various applications.

Prakash B,
Android Team,
Mallow Technologies.

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