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WWDC 2018 – A Wrap up

WWDC 2018 is all about big software updates across all Apple platforms. Let’s have a small wrap up of key takeaways from yesterday’s event. Here we go, let’s get started with iOS.

iOS 12:

As we guessed, the next iOS Version is iOS 12. The iOS 11 has been adopted by 85% of users in just 7 weeks which is fast adoption than Andriod’s 6% adoption of a new OS.  

  1. In iOS 12, we can work even faster than iOS 11. It is 70% faster swipe to the camera, 50% faster keyboard display and up to 2X times app launching speed on a heavy workload. 🚀
  2. iOS 12 supports all the devices which are supporting iOS 11. This is the first OS which has all device base support for a new OS released by Apple.  
  3. There are lots of improvements in the photos app. We can share the photos with friends and people who are in the photos. There is a new section called “on this day” for reminding our memories of a day. They have improved the search option, we can search photos by the object in it and places where we took the photos. 
  4. Tongue detection – Apple has introduced a new technology called tongue detection in Animoji. 
  5. Memoji – Unlike Animoji, ok some selected emojis, we can create our own avatar in iMessage. That’s called as Memoji. There are a lot and lots of customisation options are available while creating your new Memoji. 
  6. Group FaceTime – This a big update for FaceTime users. We can have group FaceTime up to 32 members. Participants can join or leave group FaceTime at any time. We can use Memoji in FaceTime. We can many features like auto zooming/focusing of a participant who is speaking currently in the group to give importance to the content.
  7. Notification – In iOS 12, we can have grouped notification based on app and we can have control over notification setting in notification centre itself.
  8. Just like Do not disturb while driving, we have Do not disturb in bedtime. Do not disturb end time “for 1 hour”, “Until this evening”, etc.. in iOS 12. 
  9. Screen time – This new app will be useful for many social media apps addicted users. We can set a time limit for each app per day, this is will notify us before the expiry time of using that app for a day. Once you crossed the expiry time they will add a cover screen above that corresponding app to stop using that app with dismiss button. So no worries you can continue to use it✌️.  We can get a weekly summary of app usage in a device. 
  10. Completely Redesigned stock apps with Apple news embedded in it for reading business and stock news in parallel. 
  11. Shortcuts app – A brand new app which is kinda like Workflow app which Apple acquired long back. But it will do more task than workflow app. 
  12. Siri shortcuts – We can customise our phrases to open any third party app. 
  13. We have updated version of Core ML. They call it as Core ML 2. 
  14. ARKit 2
    1. Now it has sharing user experience in AR. 
    2. Apple introductory new file format called USDZ which allows easy sharing of AR content. 
    3. Measure app – We can measure all objects in 3D by using brand new measure app powered by ARKit.  

WatchOS 5:

  1. Activity competition and awards. – We can share our workout with others and start a new competition. On completion of a competition, you will be awarded for your work. 
  2. New workout type – yoga and hiking 
  3. No longer need to say hey Siri to activate Siri. Just raise your wrist to activate Siri. 
  4. The podcast is now available in watch OS. 
  5. WebKit – We can load interactive web content in watch OS using WebKit.

tvOS 12:

  1. iTunes has a large collection of 4K movies. 
  2. Dolby Atmos support is now available.
  3. Live sports and news. 
  4. Charter spectrum partnership coming later this year. 
  5. Support for third-party remotes is available. 
  6. Will show aerial screen savers locations, can swipe between locations.
  7. Stunning Earth aerial screen saver filmed by ISS.
  8. Zero sign on – Last year we had Single sing on for accessing all content in single sign-on. But now it’s Zero. No sign on is required access all your contents. 

MacOS Mojave:

  1. Dark mode including many default apps(Xcode support as well) 
  2. Dynamic desktop – Desktop subtly change throughout the day. Morning it will shine like morning view in real time, the brighter in afternoon time, less bright in the evening time and dark in the night time. 
  3. Gallery view in finder for a better view of files, videos, images, sheets, etc..
  4. Continuity camera – You can prompt iPhone to snap a photo from its camera and you can use in your Mac within a second. 
  5. Improvements in quick look – We can have markup options in quick look of a file, video trimming option for video files, etc..
  6. Stack desktop – Just for cleaning your huge dirty desktop in single click as a group of files based on added time, kind, etc.. This is called as stack desktop. We can do more customisation in files stack.
  7. Great security update against social fingerprints in safari.
  8. Create ML app – We can train our ML model without being an ML expert in a faster way. 
  9. Apps – We have following iOS famous apps in new Mac OS. Voice memo, News, Stocks and home app. 
  10. Completely redesigned Mac App Store just what they did in iOS App Store in last year. 

This is the wrap up about the event. In our future blogs, we will see some of the features in detail.

Karthick S,
iOS Development Team,
Mallow Technologies.

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