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Key Takeaways from Google I/O 2018

Google conducted it’s annual Google I/O conference at Mountain view. It started on May 8th and on the first day was exciting and they announced some very interesting projects and updates. We will see some of the important snippets of their announcements in below. Before looking into the key takeaways, here are few wow moments it’s going to be ….

So hereafter you don’t need to write… Smart Compose is there !!!

you don’t need to speak … Google Assistant is there!!!

You have to talk to devices … Smart Displays are there !!!

Robot revolution has started!!


AI & Healthcare

AI can help predict cardiovascular risk, and detect it non-invasively. Pichai says AI will field trials to diagnose diabetic retinopathy in developing countries.

Machine Learning & Morse Code

This helps someone with a disability who requires a Morse code device to communicate. Google says these devices can now be powered by the company’s algorithmic keyboard, Gboard.

Smart compose predictions

Therefore Google will launch this feature to all Gmail users this month. You will have someone completing your sentences, hence a lot more emailing than ever before.

Google photos

You will now be able to make your kid look cuter in pictures, make the colours pop, recreate old pictures. If you have a friend’s photo Google photos will suggest one hit share to them. AI will be seamlessly integrated with photos to cherish all your memories.

The future of Voice call!

Google Assistant will now make phone calls on your behalf. If you are looking to book an appointment for a restaurant, Google Assitant will make that for you in a seamless conversation and then gives you a confirmation notification.

App remainders for breaks!

Apps like YouTube will soon have reminders for breaks. There’s a dashboard that will show your phone usage and tell you to stop. You can monitor and manage your daily usage of your mobile applications.

Revamped Google News

New Google News will give you key 5 stories right at the top when you open the app. The app will feature big headlines, local news, YT videos, and more.

AI intimidating to developers

AI expertise is hard to come by, and it’s intimidating to developers. So Google is launching a new set of AI APIs called ML Kit. ML kit will open a lot of avenues to explore for the developers.

Enhanced Google Lens

Starting next week, Google Lens will be integrated right into the camera app of Google Pixel devices, LG G7, and other Android phones. New features for Lens now includes smart text selection which will help the phone camera understand words.

Google Lens is using image and object recognition to identify stuff in photos: landmarks, food, etc. Street View will now call out locations with on-screen overlays.


Waymo uses simulation to train its self-driving cars, and the systems have driven more than 5 billion miles in a simulation. Waymo is running a constant simulation with 25k cars in it.

Google’s these announcements are really groundbreaking in terms of AI growth. Let’s have to wait and see how it will change the way market is working and it very well has the potential to disrupt the market.

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Mallow Technologies.

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