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Factors to be considered post launching an App

Plan to have a well-deserved break after your app launch? Resist it. The early days after your app launch play a crucial role in ensuring an outstanding chance against some fierce competition. Last week we saw the factors to be considered before launching an app. If you want your app to have a successful shot, read out the following factors to know what you should do immediately after your app launch.

Focus on User Engagement

Paid user acquisition will be effective for initial downloads but not for customer retention. So, in that case, you can go for the best paid channel which can be combined with other marketing strategies. Engage the customers continually by identifying the channel where they can spend much time. Be active on those channels, say social media, for example, ask questions, clear their queries and thank them for their contribution.

Users like when they are identified in the crowd. Word of mouth is a powerful tool which tends to positive returns when individualised customer support is offered.

Optimization of UI

UI doesn’t mean the design alone; also the experience the app offers to its users with its function. You have the most beautifully designed app in the market, but if the functionality of the app is sub-par, you are screwed. It is true in the opposite case too. So your app needs to be top-rated to compete in the expanding market.

The following things need to be taken care to optimize the UI,

  • Adjust the colour scheme and interface to create a more engaging and intuitive app
  • Make the app interaction as simple as possible
  • Integration between the app and other relative channels
  • Improve the workflow for a more streamlined experience

Address the Feedback

Getting feedback from beta testers before launching the app is very important. Likewise closely monitoring feedback from the early adopters, once the app is launched, helps us to know the pits and peaks of the functionality. Where are people facing difficulty? Are they using any other different features than the expected one? In addition to addressing the issues, it also helps to prioritize updates and optimizations. Users feel happy on seeing the updates and rectifications made based on their feedback.

Optimize the frequency of Push Notifications

Push notification is a great communication channel to remind the existence of your app to the users and making them to launch again. Customers like to be engaged, not to be spammed. So plan your push notifications carefully in a way not to irritate them and let them turn it off easily if they want. Also, keep different time zones in mind while sending a push notification.

Updates, Marketing and Churn

Apart from seeing marketing, updates and churn as separate entities, these three can be collaborated to achieve customer retention on a big scale.

Customers feel bored if the update is simply of “bug fixes”. The update description space itself acts as a good marketing channel that conveys what is the new feature to offer, as well as the issues that are fixed. This can be a great strategy to get back users who haven’t opened your app in a while. Identifying where the users start churning, gives an insight into the ‘why’. By filling the gaps, churn rate can be reduced to a maximum level.

It’s crucial to ensure that customers have a positive experience with your app and the best way to achieve it is Communication. Reach out, engage them, and make them feel valued.


You may think that the heavy lifting of development ends in a single moment of app launch; it’s not. But the reality is long series of action has to be carried out to place the app at the top. As the number of apps in the market skyrocket, the challenges for app marketers continue to grow. So continue to engage your customers, collect data, test, and innovate.


Marketing Team,
Mallow Technologies.

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