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Factors to be considered for a Wearable app development

The wearable devices have brought a significant digital transition around the world. The wearables are portable gadgets that can be carried all over the place thus, much of the success depends upon the experience of the users and how does the application works. The purpose of the wearable application should be clearly defined. The idea on which your app is based should be imagined with right ease of use and assets to achieve success in highly competitive modern automation world.

It’s necessary to examine what elements should be taken into consideration while building up the applications for the wearable gadgets.

Ease of access

Designing UX for a wearable device is very challenging; it should be composed with a great measure of deliberation since the screen size is small. The design should be kept as simple as possible to permit users with ease of access. Though some difficulties are involved while designing the UX, it offers a faster assess when it comes to interaction and is easier to handle as compared to mobile apps.

Pairing with companion device

The companion device (smartphones) would communicate with the wearable device via Bluetooth most of the time, therefore the proximity of both devices matters. This in-turn helps in implementing the animations and the users do not have to wait long for exchanging the data. There should be a mechanism to ensure data back up and transfer if the companion device gets out of range.

Energy efficiency

Ensure that the app is as light as possible to allow for adequate use since the small hardware requires a small battery with low energy capacity.

Developers should design and develop the app considering the user aspect of wearable devices with a battery that lasts for weeks/months. This involves avoiding battery consuming features running in the background, switching off the screen when not in use, and using the platform provided optimization methods.

Timely Upgrade

As wearable applications and devices are somewhat new in the marketplace, the resources available for wearable app development can be limited. Check frequently for errors and glitches and should consider user’s reviews seriously. Users would want to upgrade their existing app so as to continue usage of the same. If the functionality becomes obsolete, consumers are likely to uninstall the application affecting customer satisfaction.

Variety of Segments
In recent days,
wearable devices have penetrated various market segments such as healthcare, lifestyle, wellness, industrial, financing (wearable pay), police, military, etc. While innovation is rapid in this area, there is a need to develop applications very quickly so that the market can be captured.


The wearable gadgets make the app developers invest resources as well time to achieve their desire. The User Experience and in addition the functionality of the application should constantly top the priority list. This is one of the significant reasons why the greatest manufacturers including Apple, Google, Samsung, and others are investing a lot of resources to grow best in the class wearables.

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