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Apple app accelerator centre in Bangalore – An Overview

A few months back Apple has commenced their app accelerator centre in Bangalore, India. India has one of the most vibrant and exciting iOS developers’ communities, with tens of thousands of developers. The app accelerator will help you fast-track your apps so you can become part of this thriving app economy. I along with my teammates visited the app acceleration centre. Sharing my one to one meeting experience with Apple experts was my first idea, but without telling about Apple app accelerator centre it won’t be meaningful to talk about one to one meeting experience. So I thought of writing this blog first.

The following processes are taken place at the App acceleration centre.

1. Session

2. One to one meeting

3. Lab

We will see in detail about each of these processes.


In the session, they will deal with new Technologies what they have released in new OS. So that developers can adapt to that technologies as soon as they release it publicly. They also cover some common and important topics which are not new. Developers can get to know best practices in implementing old technologies and knowledge about new technologies

Some of the Topics are,

1. What’s new in Swift 4?

2. CoreML and ARKit.

3. Common pitfalls in UI/UX designs.

One to one meeting:

In the session, we can learn about new technologies and best practice in existing technologies. But what if you want to get a comment about your app before submitting your app for app store review? That’s where you can make use of one to one meeting. One to one meeting is a one-hour pre-booked time slot for discussing with Apple experts. In this one hour, you can take any of your live apps, under development app or even app which is in idea phase(Correct phase to bring it to them).

Due to time and efficiency constraints, one app per appointment is permitted where you can clear your doubts and get suggestions in both technical and UI/UX wise.


Session awards you with technical ideas/ stuff, what if you get stuck while integrating that new technology into your new product or existing one. That’s why they are going to the hands-on lab, where we can take our development kit to the accelerator centre in Bangalore, and implement the new feature under the guidance of Apple experts. This will have a crucial impact in reducing the development time and efforts when trying new technologies.


1. Do we need to pay them?
No. We don’t need to pay for any of their services(Session, one to one meeting and lab)

2. Do I need Apple ID to book services in Apple app accelerator centre?

3. How can I register for a session?
You can register for a session on their website. They will publish events calendar for some time. You need to keep an eye on their page to get an appointment for a session.

4. How can I register for one to one meeting?
They are doing this service for every month. You can expect event calendar for next month at the end of current month. i.e  You may expect event calendar for March in February end.

5. How can I register for the lab?
You need to contact them in person via email to get their time for lab.

6. Is it worth to attend a session?
Its based on how you are using it. You are open to ask any questions to them.

7. Is it worth to attend one to one meeting?
Yes. In my opinion, one to one meeting is much better than sessions. Because you can learn new technologies from their documents itself, so it’s not necessary to attend that session unless it’s a completely new and complex technology to implement it. But in one to one you can get valuable feedback about your app in person.

8. Is it worth to attend labs?
Yes. If you want to implement new technologies with minimum time and effort you can make use of it.

9. Where is it located?
 RMZ Galleria Residences, 14th floor, SH 9, Ambedkar Colony, Yelahanka, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560065.

10. What are the modes of taking notes?
Except live streaming and recording, you can choose your convenient way of taking notes.

11. What are the services you have attended in apple app accelerator centre?
I have attended 5 sessions and 1 one to one meeting.

12. Last but not least. Shall I take selfies 🤳🏼from inside their centre?
Yes. Apple wants us to feel comfortable, they are not restricting to take selfies and walk to all places inside the centre. They have cool infrastructure places for sessions, one to one discussion and hands-on lab. The office which is located on the 14th floor of the building also has a nice garden. 

These are the basic things you need to know about Apple app accelerator centre in Bangalore. In my next blog, I will share my one to one meeting experience with Apple experts.

Karthick S,
iOS Development Team,
Mallow technologies.

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