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Mobile apps are gaining substantial position in every business practices. Technologies for mobile app development are emerging over years whereas it is mandatory for the app development companies to have the latest technology to create competitive edge thereby gaining the market position.

In this post, we will look out the technologies which made its identity in 2017 and seem to rule the upcoming years.


The new availability and advancement of AI and machine learning are causing a revolutionary shift in the way that developers, businesses, and users think about intelligent interactions within mobile applications. Combining AI technology with built-in features makes apps more relevant and personalized which is more valuable than the last. Amazon and eBay have already implemented AI in their apps and proved the potential success of it.


Cloud technology covers a vast area in the mobile app sector with its growing demand. Data accessibility has become quicker and easier without impacting your internal phone memory. Thus mobile app developers are designing more cloud driven mobile applications in recent days, also to ensure the safety and security of the sensitive data of the company. Along with Dropbox and Google Drive, some-other mobile apps are going to be cloud driven in the near future.

Location-based mobile app development is increasingly being adopted by small and medium businesses (SMBs) world over. They reach out to potential customers in close proximity and provide them with immediate access to product or service information, price comparisons, reviews, product alternatives, and several additional mobile commerce options, thereby increasing the likelihood of an immediate sale.


Wearables form a part of the Internet of Things. Using wifi or Bluetooth, the wearables like health band, apple watch, glasses can be connected to the smartphones and any sort of data can be transferred between the devices.


One of the prime factors, the users consider while downloading an app is security. It is an essential feature of the app because it helps in securing the private and confidential data which makes the developers develop apps that have in-built security, which obviously is a huge bonus point to convince the customers.

We all know that the world is moving towards a cashless economy and so the importance of payment gateway apps/ digital wallets such as PayPal or Paytm has hiked a lot. Within the approaching years, more and more people are going to get associated with online payment methods because it is fast, safe and easy.

AR & VR:

Both AR and VR will be offering its services to a diverse set of industries. While AR is focusing more on healthcare, retail, real estate and others, VR will be more helpful in gaming and events.

Augmented Reality has already proved to be a key player in the mobile app industry. But within the coming years, its primary focus will remain on improving the all-day battery life and to also make the connectivity better.

Although Virtual Reality is receiving a positive response in the market, still it will take some time to gain the ground.


Today customers want a quick reply to their queries and Chatbots is an answer to that context. Implementing Chatbots provide better UI and UX which helps to boost business. At the same time, the customer executive will also get an idea of what type of common queries are pouring in from most of the users and will look to address the issue better.


In the upcoming year, business firms will be preferring hybrid apps as it is flexible and suits the business needs more than the native. It can help in creating platforms for businesses of all sizes. Moreover, it is easy to access and hybrid apps are cost wise friendlier too.

The hybrid apps are quite effective in enhancing the user experience, which in turn generates more traffic to the app. Besides it also accelerates the speed of app loading and is also easier to develop because they are based on cross-platform apps. You can maintain them without much hassle and the apps can run offline as well. Along with these, the Progressive Web apps are in the game too.


These are the top mobile app trends that will ruin in the upcoming years, to ensure that the company is adapting all these trends or new innovations in their app development strategies to have a competitive advantage. Though it tends to face more challenges by the developers, they should remain updated to compete in the market.

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