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Tez – A new force in the digital payment game

In the growing era of digitisation and mobile payment, Google has entered the Indian market with the app called TEZ. This app is designed specifically to suit the Indian markets. Although players like PayTM and PhonePe is trying to capture the digital payment through their wallet services, Tez is not a wallet service per se. Tez links the bank accounts of the customer to mobile account and the payments are done. This is similar to that of the Apple Pay.

Google uses Audio QR technology to make the payment. The phone number is used to set the account. Then the UPI access has to be provided from the bank and once it is done then it automatically links with the google account. This is a highly secure mode of transfer and lot simpler way of money transfer. As it draws the money from the bank account directly, you don’t have to load the money in the wallet. This makes this app unique.

Some of the key points of TEZ are given below.

Direct payment: As mentioned above Tez uses direct payment from the bank accounts and hence less complex and time-consuming than the other wallet payments.

Cash Mode for nearby transactions: With Tez, you can share money with a nearby person without sharing any private details such as phone number or bank account. This will serve as a huge advantage for the small and big vendors. This in a way is a perfect way to go digital in terms of payment.

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Tez Shield: It provides 24/7 data security by detect Fraud, prevents hacking and verifies the identity of the user.

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Tez for Business: Tez for Business is a program for large and small enterprises to connect with consumers inside the Tez app to make payments, share redeemable offers, products and updates.

Localisation: Tez is localised to the Indian markets with the inclusion of various Indian languages such as Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Marathi, Tamil and Telugu.


Thus we have seen the entry of the Google’s Tez by force and it is nearly conquering the market with its flashy offers. This is the first step to bring a huge change in the future of digital payments. This may also pave way for many businesses to integrate their payment with this and also a lot of similar technologically advanced payment services might arise.

Sivavishnu R,
Android Team,
Mallow Technologies

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