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How to choose your Brand Colour?

Creating and establishing a Brand is an important step for any business in the long run. A Brand’s identity is registered in the consumer’s mind based on their design and usage of colours. In this blog, we are going to see in detail about the usage of the colours for your Brand.

Choosing a colour for any brand cannot be made at random. The brand identity or logo creation can be done with three major types namely Mono colour, Two colour and Full colour. Mono colour is the usage of single dominant colour. 

Mono colour design – 51%

Two colour design – 30%

Multi colour design – 19%

Facebook and Twitter are good examples of mono colour design. Flipkart and FedEx stand as an example of Two colour design. Some of the great examples of multicolour designs are Google, Microsoft etc.,

To choose the perfect colour it is important to understand the psychology of the colours. Here we explain briefly about the characters associated with the colours and the brands using it.


Blue is one of the majorly used colour in branding. The blue colour is associated with trust, conservative nature, dependable, honesty, calm, secure and cool. The brands which use blue tries to convey these message with their tone. Facebook, Dell, Ford and Samsung is a good example.







Black is the second most used colour in the branding. Black is normally associated with sophistication, luxury, formal, stylish, elegant, authoritative and expensive or premium quality. Blackberry, Mercedes Benz, Audi are few examples which perfectly blends the colour to give the feel you wish to imbibe among the customers.






Red is the colour which most often combines well with white or black to give the required feel. It is often associated with boldness, passionate, strong, attention-grabbing, love, excitement, action and aggression. KFC, Coca-Cola, Netflix, Virgin are some of the brands that use red as their dominant colour. You can associate the characteristics of these brands with the red colour.







Yellow is a unique colour which has to be handled carefully. Often used as a caution or warning colour it indeed grabs the attention totally. Yellow is often bordered or aligned with another dark colour to give a perfect contract appearance which gives perfect attention that’s required. Often the aligning or bordering colour would be black which goes well with yellow. It is associated with logical, optimistic, progressive, playful and creative aspects. Nikon, Mc Donalds, Snapchat, IMDB are some of the examples.






Orange is a colour which is often associated with happy, energetic, sociable, friendly, affordable, enthusiastic aspects. Fanta, Mirinda, HTML, VLC Media player are some of the brands that use Orange as their predominant colour.








Green is associated nature, wealth, fresh, life, harmony, environment, growth. Some of the brands that use this colour to perfectly synchronise their ideology and feel are the Animal planet, recycle, Subway, Tropicana etc., These brands have to communicate the above aspects to position themselves.







Purple is one of the most expensive colour to produce. It is often seen as elite colours due to the sophistication of the colour. Some of the aspects that are associated with purple are royalty, mystery, pomp, ceremony, creative, unique and majestic. This colour is more often catches the eyeballs of the kids and hence Cadbury, Taco Bell and Yahoo use it as their dominant colour.







Multicolour is often unique and associated with fun, easy going, childlike, multidisciplinary characteristics.  Some of the well-known brands that make use of this pattern is Google, Microsoft, eBay etc.,





Thus we have seen in detail about the colours to choose and the brands that capitalised on the colours. In the next blog post, we will see in detail about the designs to be used.

Satheesh Kumar,
Design Team,
Mallow Technologies.

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