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6 things not to do before deployment

Deployment of an application is a crucial and critical stage. The deployed application should be perfect and that decides the fate and future of the company and their business. Today in this post we will see some of the most important precautionary points that have to be taken care before deployment of an application.

1. Do not accept last-minute changes:

For any business constant updating of features is very much important to sustain in the market. All the companies will try to give as many features within a short span to gain the advantage. When the client comes up with last-minute features to be added you shouldn’t just comply and add it just before deployment. Sometimes, the developers tend to not add any test cases and add test cases for the last minute features. This eventually affects the overall quality of the product and sometimes it might even jeopardise the app on the whole. Every feature has to go through the process to make the final product perfect and stable.

2. Do not skip the checklist:

When you comply with the last minute changes, you tend to skip the checklist. This is a big red flag when deployment is concerned. Never ever skip the checklist. Your peer might have identified some problems and have updated the checklist, by not checking it, you might potentially ruin the user experience.

3. Do not deploy without testing:

Sometimes you might be satisfied with the development team’s testing. No, that is not testing of the product. Any feature shouldn’t go live without the approval of the testing team. Testing team will see for every possible glitch and ensure that the feature works perfectly. Every feature must go through the cycle of processes that are designed by the team before. Any shortcuts will not help for the betterment of the product.

4. Do not make any change without a proper Analysis:

Any changes made in the app has to be analysed well before implementation. Without analysis of the feature and making any change might harm the entire application. It will be tough to rework once the mistake is done. Another big issue of the changes without analysis that you don’t know how it affects the other features. Hence, any changes in the application have to be done with proper research and analysis.

5. Do not implement any changes in Live program:

Any changes or addition has to be done and tested at the development environment. After perfecting the features and testing at various levels only you can make the feature live. Directly making the changes in the live application is very dangerous as any wrong or crash at the live application will totally affects the usage and the customer acquisition just moves from tough to impossible.

6. Do not keep migration and account creation as a last task:

Database migration is one of the most important tasks. Keeping it as the last task before deployment is a big no. You should definitely have migrated the database soon enough. Generating API key, creating third party accounts are some of the important tasks which has to be done at the early stage of development. It has to be perfectly ready before deployment, by changing it at the last moment it may even hinder the basic functionality of the application.

Thus we have seen in detail about the six important don’ts before deployment.  This might give you a definitive idea to make your application successfully deployed. A well-developed application is considered successful only if it is deployed perfectly.

Yogesh M,
iOS Team,
Mallow Technologies.

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