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5 Things to consider before developing an educational App

The education sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the digital age. As the digital devices are available to all age groups, it is a very good mode to increase the engagement through that. Digitising the education sector has given very good results in terms of the student interaction and piqued the interests of the students. Various apps such as Byju’s, Khan Academy are creating wonders. This in a way is a paradigm shift in the education sector.

As digitising education sector is on the rise, it is high time to develop an application to assist the learning. Before developing an application for any sector you need to understand your core users. In this blog, we will see the five most important things that have to be taken into consideration before developing an app for the education sector.

Intuitive UI/UX:

The application should definitely have an intuitive user interface. This is a primary necessity as the main aim of the app is making the user curious to learn and explore without anyone’s help. The UI has to be designed in such a way that the student can explore and find what they want intuitively.

Ease of Access:

Ease of access is the key ingredient in making an application successful. Consider an app containing multiple ways to solve a problem, finding and exploring each way should be available at ease. If it takes some time to explore or the app is designed in such a way that the access is different then it definitely won’t engage the users for a long time. Ease of access keeps your app on the Top Of the Mind for solving that particular problem.

Technological Updation:

The very idea of digitisation is making full use of the technology in assisting the learning process. When new technologies and features come up, you need to upgrade and utilise that feature to give more value to the user. It just might even turn as your differentiating factor.


Gamification is the ultimate strategy to increase the user engagement. Here the key is not a surface level gamification of the application but rather it has to be a part of core build. Gamification as a gimmick will result is negative engagement. A proper gamification will recognise the user and pique their curiosity to learn and adds value to them. There are a lot of tools available to gamify to your application.

Synchronise to share:

In any application, today sharing must be easy. Adding social share plugins or synchronising your achievements if gamified to share online acts as a great motivator. Along with that if you need to send particular info or assignment then facilities of sharing the same in multiple channels had to be added.

The above-mentioned points are some of the most critical points to be considered to make an app successful in the education sector. We at Mallow Technologies have created an application to find one stop solution for all the physics, chemistry and mathematical formula named FormulaMAX. You can download the app from Google Playstore and Appstore. If you have an idea to develop an application for the education sector, you can very well contact us. We help you in transforming your dream into reality.


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