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Importance of Manual Testing in Mobile Devices

Manual is not a very favorite term for many in the Software Industry. Yet, Manual testing plays an important role in software testing even for a company which has automated most of its tasks successfully. In this post, we will discuss the importance of manual testing and how to perform it on mobile.

Manual Tests on Mobile And why?

Automated tests can enhance the most the required software for testing, but manual testing is mainly used by QA teams to fill the gaps, check the quality and ensure whether the final products behave well as per the end user actually use an application.

In Mobile testing, manual testing often answers questions like:

Whether all the design elements are arranged properly in a comfortable way?

Whether it is easy to touch the elements with one finger?

Whether it is easy to use all the option by one hand of the user?

By doing manual testing with real users, you can easily identify and measure the functionality and user interaction of the mobile application. And can easily make a note on the challenges faced while testing each application.

To Perform Manual Testing on Mobile Devices Effectively:

To perform manual tests, initially, the tests should be organized and standardized. These tests can be then repeated in any of the devices without any changes in the flow. And it is easy to reproduce the bugs and errors again whenever necessary.

Organizing test will save time and it will improve the quality of the product. Without organizing the test, you will find something wrong and will miss out major bugs and time will also be wasted.

Test Plan:

Planning before doing any thing is a must. Planning makes the activity much more efficient. The first step before the test is to prepare a test plan, which helps you in many situations when you are stuck. And it also consumes much more time.


After preparing the test plan, run the plan and you have to test everything in the plan. Then make a note on the steps you have followed to avoid confusion of when to test it again.

Try to reproduce the errors when it occurs and also try to find the root cause of each and every error.

Log the Errors:

Logging the error is much more important than testing. The error should be logged with a proper tool and which should be easily understood by the developers and bug fixers so that this can be easily reproduced.
Error logging also helps to maintain the error history and makes it easy to test them again and again.

Repeat the Testing:

You have to repeat the testing every time when the code is changed or any improvement is done in the app and recorded the testing and assure whether the error rate is reduced compared with the previous phase of testing.

Test in Various Devices and software:

You have to test the same application and test plan in various devices because UI might differ across devices. Also, you have to test it with various software versions because there are differences in screen size and resolutions. These responsive testing can be done only through manual testing. In Automation we unable to cover all the functionalities and features and all the types of testing. It’s wise to test it in manual testing mode. Accessibility and usability testing can be done only through manual testing.

Kindly follow above steps to improve the standard of manual testing for mobile application and stay focused while testing to become a good manual tester. Thus, we have seen how to do and improve the mobile manual testing in this blog.


Kumaresan T,
Testing Team,
Mallow Technologies.


  1. Tom Wade

    Hi Kumaresan,
    This is really good piece on how to perform manual testing for mobile applications. Yes I agree that automated tests do most of its tasks successfully, but manual testing helps to build quality for the final products. The steps you mentioned about improving the standard of manual testing for mobile applications are really helpful. Thanks for sharing the post.
    Incidentally, I have gone through a great post on Mobile Testing and I believe your readers will love to browse “Top 5 Factors of a Successful Mobile Application Testing Strategy”. Here is the link to access the post –
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