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Google Glass – A Game changer in Enterprise mobile apps?


Recently Google has announced that its highly ridiculed Google Glass will be back soon and it is ready for the Industry. After facing huge criticisms for privacy concerns and a higher price tag made Google stop the product. After two years of dormancy, the Google Glasses will now be available in the market as an enterprise edition.

Initially planned as a consumer product, Google Glass was released in the year 2015. Google Glass is basically a framed glasses in which the lens are replaced by the Head up display. It has a touch pad on the side which helps you control the device. The Glass allows you to take pictures and record 720p videos. Many third party apps such as twitter, facebook apart from the Google apps were available to access in the product. Another big advantage of the product was the voice controlled commands.


As exciting this may sound, there were a lot of hitches and privacy concern crept up which led to the dormancy of the product. Also as many felt that this product had more enterprise usage than that of the consumer usage. After stopping the product at 2015, Google glass underwent a major experimentation. With insights and partnerships from the industries, Google glass was perfected for the Enterprise.

Below is the video of Google Glass being used in Boeing. With customising the glass for enterprise has enriched the usage of the product and also have opened up the possibilities for Enterprise App development on Glass OS platform. Glass OS is an Android OS optimised for the Google Glass.

As we have already mentioned the Augmented Reality as the future of mobile application development. At Mallow Technologies we have extensively worked with geo-location based apps. Working with Glass OS to make a customised application for an industry will be the new challenge to all app development companies. For that, the companies who have the domain authority regarding a particular industry or technology will dominate the future.

Saravanakumar B,
Android Team,
Mallow Technologies.


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