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6 Things to consider before Deploying your web or mobile app

In this post, we are going to see 6 points to be tested and taken care before deploying a mobile or web application. These points decide the success or failure of the app in a way.

1.Reality check:

Checking how UI looks at the Developer’s environment differs from that of the user’s environment. Checking how the UI looks at various lights has to be checked. If it’s a web application then the developer might have been using Mac and they have to ensure it gives perfect experience for the Windows system too. Checking the application by putting oneself in the user’s shoes gives a different perspective and the final product will be more relatable and comfortable to the user. Are the features perfectly helping the target users? Satisfying the target users is the primary task of an application.

2.UX with regard to the usage:

If you are creating an enterprise app or app to increase the productivity then you should be sure of keeping the controls restricted to the keyboards. They should be able to change the categories and to navigate over columns with keyboard itself. Using a mouse to select and move will reduce the efficiency of the user and results in the failure of digitisation.

3.Device Check:

If you are designing an application for iOS then you need to be specific about the form factors and the devices in which it will be used. Ensure that the app gives the same experience in all devices. This becomes tough for Android as there are huge number of devices. To make it better for the users ensure that you comply the standards set for each platforms and customise in a way that it never fails to give the perfect User Experience.

4.Third Party dependency:

Third party dependency is fine as far as you are in control. Third party services for limiting API request can be done. But you have to ensure that the traffic fluctuation regularly and the crash and bugs has be to fixed regularly. If these are perfected, when it hits the market you get better results.

5.Update Frequently:

It is good to update each feature by giving some time for the user to experience. Only then you can understand how the user reacts to a particular feature and get feedbacks of the same. Crash, bug and error monitoring has to be done frequently before the updates.

6.Analyse similar apps:

If you are working on an e-commerce app, then analyse the top e-commerce apps and check the issues they are facing from the user point of view. Incorporate the changes in your app and make it a holistic product.

These are the six factors which can avoid your product from failing in the market.

Yogesh M,
iOS Team,
Mallow Technologies.


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