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Android Pay – A small introduction


Google has unveiled Android Pay in its recent update. Android Pay is basically an upgraded and sophisticated version of Google wallet. As I mentioned Android Pay is a mobile wallet application which helps you to store your credit cards, debit cards, loyalty cards and so on. This application is yet to be introduced worldwide, as of now it is active only in few countries which include England and USA. This app is available in the Google Play store and can it be downloaded in the countries which allow Android Pay.


One of the primary ideas behind the development and reinvention of Google Wallet to Android pay is to make it more convenient to the users and the merchants. The user can add a debit or credit card within the app. If the user had cards associated with their Google accounts then it can connect in few steps to your Android Pay account. Adding a new card can also be done by taking a snap of the card. This is the easiest way to add a card to the system.

Once the cards are added then just by tapping you can pay to any stores you want to pay. To pay at any contactless terminal open the Android Pay app and tap the button. It can also be seamlessly integrated with Android Watches.

Safety & Security:

When they first unveiled Android Pay, it was said that the user will be able to pay for the products by just simply unlocking the phone. Another feature here is for under £30 the user can pay without even unlocking the phone. For these type of purchases, you need to authenticate the purchase.

Authentication is nothing but a tap and bingo, the transaction is done. You don’t even have to open the app, the virtual swipe does the job. Once the transaction is done, you will receive the confirmation details on your phone.


When you pay at some selected retailers, your locality points and so on the offers will be auto updated during the checkout. Being a company heavily relying on advertisements integrating the brands, stores and localities to the product help in personalising the offers to the users to a greater extent. So there is a high chance for you to receive specialised offers for Android Pay. This may also increase the proximity marketing and loyalty programs to a greater extent.

Google Playstore:

Synchronising the app store apps with buy with Android pay for the apps and built-in payment within the app for further purchases will make it easier for the user to buy products through mobile. Apps like Chipotle, Domino’s, Dunkin Donuts in the US. Apps like Deliver, JD Sports, Zara in the UK have already implemented it.

Chrome Extension:

Google has announced that it might enable Android Pay through chrome to make the business easier for the companies/stores which don’t have apps. This opens the possibility for various stores and eases the process of payment for web based apps. Google is yet to announce the release date for this update though.

As we have seen a lot about the Google Pay app, we need to wait until it is released worldwide to experience the new wave of payment. If this can provide success then your mobile phone will be your new credit card.

Saravanakumar B,
Android Developer Trainee,
Mallow Technologies

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