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7 Things not to do in an Internship

An internship is basically an opportunity given to the students to get exposed to the industry. Through an internship, one can apply the knowledge gained in Academia into practical situations. This will give them a proper insight about the industry and application of academic knowledge. The internship can be as full time or part time, any time of the year including over the summer and during the semester. It’s an excellent way to try out a certain career and offer students a hands-on opportunity to work in their desired field that makes them stronger candidates for jobs after graduation. Since the internship plays a vital role in deciding our career path, it is important for us to know “What not to do” during the internship rather than “What to do” things.

7 Things not to do in an Internship:

1. Never Ignore the organisational culture:

Learning new skills is important but at the same time, it’s essential to observe the practices followed in the office like working hours, dress code and correspondence of employees. The interns should comply with the work habits that the employer values.

2. Never be incomplete and never miss a deadline

Completing the work within the stipulated time is one of the crucial factors is defining your professionalism. That gives you the transformation from a student to a professional. At the same time, what is worst is submitting an incomplete work. If you can’t perfect the assignment within the stipulated time then inform prior rather than submitting your incomplete work. This gives you a very bad impression about your ability.

3. Ask many questions, but not too many

An intern’s duty is to learn about the job, gain experience and learn new skills. In order to achieve that it is essential to ask necessary questions. Asking questions also showcase your interest in learning. But think well before asking any question to the person concerned. Think twice if it can be solved on your own or need an expert’s guidance. Ask only if it is absolutely necessary and use those opportunities cleverly.

4. Never be late

Keeping up your time should be consistent throughout. Arriving late to the office gives an image that you might not be interested in the job. An internship is an opportunity to showcase your interest in particular field or industry. So it is absolutely essential to be on time for meetings, arriving at the office and so on. Also, it is a quality that is essential in any profession.

5. Never Share Official matters

Don’t even think of sharing any information that is related to the organisation in any social media. Taking the official information for granted is not a professional practice. If there is any need to share any information then you need to get prior permission from the authorities before sharing.

6. Never show boredom and tiredness

Nobody prefers a person who is disinterested and bored of their job. Not all of the tasks you perform will be equally interesting. Some of the works given to you might not fall in your comfort zone, and some work might take more time. You shouldn’t get bored and disinterested in performing the same rather you should see what can you learn from that task. This shows your enthusiasm towards the work.

7. Never Lose contact

Never lose contact once the internship is over. This helps in future in one way or another. You can get a job or you can get a reference to some other from here, you never know. But ensure that your contact is not irritating and hindering them.

These form the seven most important what not to do during your as an intern in any organisation. If you are interested in an internship at Mallow Technologies, you can apply for the internship through our contact page.


Harini G K,
Marketing Intern,
Mallow Technologies.


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