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Internship at Mallow Technologies – Experience of an Intern

I am sharing my experiences as a Marketing Intern at Mallow Technologies through this post. As Part of my MBA curriculum, I have to go for a one-month summer internship that holds 2 credits in my upcoming semester. As the season started we are flooded with companies with varied profiles ranging from HR, Finance, Production and Sales. Being particular about pursuing a career in Digital Marketing, I was waiting for the right profile. On one fine day, our placement officer flashed us with the Digital Marketing Intern opportunity at Mallow Technologies Private Limited, Karur. I applied for the company without having any presumption about the location. Along with four other college mates, we had a skype interview which leads to my selection for the position of Marketing Intern at Mallow Technologies, A Mobile and web application development company.
I was asked to report on May 10, 2017, at their Campus at Karur. HR of the organisation received me and after completing all the formalities I had a short meeting with the Marketing Executive. We discussed the expectations from either side and he clearly gave a picture on the roles and responsibilities. This leads me to imagine the bigger picture during my tenure more precisely. The culture in the company can be compared to many of the startups nurturing in the Tier I cities. HR introduced me to all the employees and made me comfortable to the new space. This made me feel significant and able to understand that how they value each of the employees, this also helped me in eliminating the feel of an odd man out in the workplace.
The task for the internship started off with the Market Research of the competitors of Mallow Technologies. My task was to identify the competitors, analyse their content and create a content strategy based on the analysis. It was tough for me to barge in and start the process. My teammate helped me profoundly in achieving the same. I thought he would assign me the tasks and expect an outcome outright. But he let me experiment with the methods and guided me in approaching the problem. This lead me to discover many things and able to differentiate the good and bad contents all by myself. He made me find answers to all of the questions by myself. This helped me in gaining a foothold in the Digital Marketing.
With this help, I was able to properly carry my internship and complete the task within the stipulated time. I created a sample marketing plan for the company for their future reference, and also I was given a chance to contribute to blogs and case study creation. At the end, I have gained a lot through this internship. I have learnt different ways to conduct a market research, how to create content and attract readers and above all developed a habit of reading.
Mallow Technologies has helped me in envisioning my future in the area of Digital Marketing in a perfect manner. Looking back, If I overlooked this opportunity considering the location, I might have missed a lot of domain knowledge, real-life business scenario, exposure towards current trends in app development and a lot of great people.


Chandrasekaran S.S,
Marketing Intern,
Mallow Technologies.


  1. Parthasaarathy

    Nice piece of info on your intern experience.. All the very best for all your future endeavours..

  2. Smith Walker

    A digital marketing internship is an interesting open door that permits interns to gain proficiency with the fundamental aptitudes and true experience expected to exceed expectations in digital marketing.

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