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5 Qualities of a Good mobile App developer

App development has surging like anything in today’s scenario. Developers are facing high time demand and are also available in abundance. In what way we can differentiate a good developer from a normal developer is the qualities they possess and the process they follow. In this post, we try to give a detailed account of 5 qualities of a good mobile app developer.
Compliance with the standards:
If a new project is to be developed then the developer should maintain the coding standards corresponding to the platform like Syntax declaration, design pattern etc., If it is the case of an existing project then the developer should comply with the already written programs. Existing code with defects should be commented and new logics should be added on top of it. Before any syntax or function, a comment should be added for the better understanding of the code flow. Versioning should be taken care promptly, beginning of the code should have the versioning details. This helps for a new coder to understand the requirement in a better way.
Thought process:
Before proceeding to code it very important to decide how you are going to proceed it. As per normal flow, drawing a flow diagram then proceeding with the pseudocode then the functions involved and its flow. A rough code in notepad helps you to get advanced things. While start coding always is in the shoes of the user and put your logics. A virtual reality of your logics in your mind helps. Stand outside the box and look into the box for the better understanding of logic.
App store compatibility and update
Be online, be updated always. Check your platform updates either it is AppStore or Playstore gets details about the updates a week before. If any changes in OS inform the client about the change prior.
Client communication
Always have a constant touch and feedback from your client starting from the problem detection phase, collect all the required details and be informed about the approach we carryout. It is always a wise thought to have client idea in mind while proceeding. Every time you give a new working code to client separate it into a different project so that the client will have a clear differentiation from the live one. Before sending beta version to try to get the details 3 days or 1 week before.
Testing standards
Any app is accepted only if it is sealed with TESTED OK by the testers. This crucial phase should be handled with care. The test case should be created for the algorithm and every logic and that should be tested. A clear documentation should be maintained which acts as a reference manual for the developers to maintain few scenarios somewhere to check the same in future apps. Whether the device supports Multilanguage or not, as a tester, it’s the responsibility of the tester to check that application in other languages as well.
Concentrating on the scope
More than the features, few things should be taken care as well like battery consumption, Memory check, the Internet or bandwidth check because your app is going to work on so many types of devices on a same Operating system. The performance will rate your application anywhere. Keep in mind your new changes, how it is going to affect the old users. Start your work from that perspective and fulfill the client requirements. Be proactive – before your client logs defect during their testing, check the issue and start working on it. Always put yourself in the user’s shoes and code or test the app.
Thus we have seen in detail about the 5 important qualities that a developer has to possess. This differentiates a good developer from a normal developer. Any person who wishes to be an excellent developer has to ensure that these steps are followed.

Yogesh M,
iOS Team Lead,
Mallow Technologies.

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