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Progressive Web Apps – The future of mobile apps ?

We saw about Google’s Instant apps in one of our previous posts. Instant apps is not the only solution to the storage space problem. Another technology which holds the future is Progressive Web Apps. Both of these are developed by Google and has the huge potential to change the market of applications.

Instant apps & Progressive Web Apps:

You can see in detail about the Google’s instant apps in our blog post. The biggest disadvantage of Instant apps is that it relies on the platform. It is developed by Google for the Android OS. A similar concept developed by iOS has its own issues and hence it cannot be the universal solution.

Progressive Web Applications, on the other hand, is a browser based application. Here the application viewed through browser gives the feel and navigation of a native app. As of now, this technology is supported for chrome and Microsoft’s browsers. In future if it is supported for Safari then a common app developed would do the wonder.

Although a lot of hybrid app development is trending, progressive web apps are holistic and solve the biggest problem of storage space. That’s not the only issue it will help in solving but also attaining the native app experience through web browsers. Also, it helps in marketing the apps easily.


Developing a PWA helps to streamline the marketing activities and direct it towards the web as it is search engine discoverable. Also, repeated use of an app in the browser helps in bookmarking the app and you can see it on the home page. The user can go to the browser and launch the most frequently used apps through the browser. It is easy and also the cached memory is low.

Scope & Future
The biggest challenge in this technology is attaining the native app like experience. If you can get the native app experience then it indeed cannot succeed as a replacement to the apps. The success of the technology relies heavily on the customization available in the future and support for other browsers. The future will be decided based on the user experience more than anything.


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  1. Sansu

    Today, new mobile apps launch every day which would help you to improve operation. Every business is a 24/7 operation and it’s mobile applications which allow you to operate with this mentality.
    Quoting from Forbes:
    “With the mobile app industry expected to reach heights of over $100 billion in the next few years, more and more businesses are adding this technology to their repertoire. There’s a need to engage with consumers and having an app to do so improves the customer experience tenfold.”
    Read an article which says you need to consider your priorities for mobile apps in the form of 3 criteria: Quality, Speed, and Budget.(
    I agree with you on “But more recent trends show that people are turning away from apps, because not all app experiences are equally satisfying or worthwhile.”. I have had many such experiences where the apps slow down things. It is important for people with slow connections to go for PWA support.
    Progressive WebApps along with the InstantApps are the future’s solution for storage space problem. It is the browser-based application by which the application viewed through the browser gives the feel and navigation of a native app.

  2. Priyank Acharya

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