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6 Factors to be considered before creating a landing page

Landing page plays a major role for the all the web and mobile apps. A landing page is a page dedicated to complete an action required from the visitor. The action can be making a purchase, signing up for the site or newsletter and so on. The landing page has to serve its purpose and the success of a landing page can be measured by the converts. In order to create a better landing page, you need to concentrate on the factors explained below. By concentrating on this you can easily reach the goals.

Be clear on the Goal:

You need to be clear with the ultimate goal of the landing page. Consider that the goal is to get more signups for the newsletter then it must be conveyed clearly. If the goal is not clear then it is nearly impossible to communicate the same to the users.

Add a Call to Action:

Adding a powerful call to action button will push the visitor to opt for the same. If your aim is to collect the emails for newsletter subscription then having a striking Sign up button helps in acquiring the user.

Highlight the necessary elements:

Once the goal is clear then the final call to action has to be highlighted. If a user is scrolling through the page it shouldn’t be difficult for the user to find the final call to action. Also, the heading of the landing page should convey the message pretty clear rather than be giving mixed messages.

Design visually stunning elements:

The landing page should possess the visual aesthetic that is necessary for a particular product. Visually aesthetic pages garner more attention and the usage of contrasting colours push the users to check out more. Also, usage of images and product videos give more reach than of the texts. Garnering the attention of the visitor is quite high with images and videos.

Make it reliable:

Adding a testimony or Quote from a user or an existing customer adds more reliability to the site and product. It provides a social proof in a way to the product. The acceptance of a product is spread by the testimony given by the existing users.

Test repeatedly:

Testing is an important phase before launching the landing page. Testing the page with various tools helps in optimizing the page. You can either opt for a split testing or multivariate testing but, it is essential to keep on testing. The necessary for the keeping it up to date is to provide the users the best experience.

By following the above-mentioned steps one can get a perfect landing page. As mentioned in the final point you need to keep it updated to stay active among the user base.


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