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5 Ways to increase the trust factor of your online business

If you are a new business in the online sphere then building trust is an important factor. Earning a customer to do business in the online space relies heavily on the trust factor. In order to build a high trust factor, you need to concentrate on the following factors. The 5 important factors that plays a major role in building the trust are as follows.

Full disclosure:

Full disclosure is the first and foremost important factor. Consider yourself to an e-commerce company and you have advertised as free delivery for all items. When the customer checks out he/she sees some delivery charges, this makes them furious and there is a huge chance for them to sign out from the cart and not return after. This kind of surprises upsets the customer and hence a full disclosure is essential which gives them a picture that the company is what they said they are. It gives a clear message to the customers.

Site Encryption:

Site encryption looks like a small thing but it definitely has a huge impact in terms of trust. If you are e-commerce site or a service provider and involve payments then site encryption is a must. Configuring the website with SSL certification gives that extra layer the customer needs to keep their data safe.

Process Transparency:

The whole process has to be transparent. If you are an ecommerce site then the shipping updates and the logistic update has to be accurate. If the property is damaged in the case of an ecommerce site then returning has to be easy. If any glitches happened during the service it has to be addressed and ensured that the customer gets uninterrupted service and a complimentary service to make them delighted.

Sustainable Value Proposition:

The value proposition offered by the company should be consistent and sustainable. And this has to be conveyed to the customers. Conveying this makes the customer trust you with long time products and subscription. If the value proposition is just a clickbait and not a sustainable one then the longevity of the customer retention will be low. Higher customer retention increases the trust factor.

Social Activity:

The activity in the social networks play a major role in building the brand image and the trust factor. For any new business social networks serves as a way to communicate. Answering the queries, solving the issues and replying faster with a personal touch increases the brand value along with the trust score. This is one of the touch points where the customer is directly interacting with the brand and hence handling it with ample care makes the brand successful.


Thus we have seen the 5 most important factors that has to be taken care for increasing the trust factor of an online business among the customers. By following this an online business can improve their trust factor considerably.


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