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Importance of User Engagement in Google play rankings

Recently in the Game developer conference, Google announced that they are tweaking the algorithm for games discovery. User engagement will now be an integral part of the rating of the app for discovery. Previously only the star ratings given by the users and downloads had the major role. These metrics can easily be manipulated and bought and hence it lead many wonderful apps being hidden.


Google’s move to bring in user engagement as a metric to rate the apps among the top is one of the best move in the recent times. They haven’t mentioned the same for other apps but it is evident that they bring in the same with all other categories as this will increase the reliability of the app. Also they have now planned to introduce flexible promotions to increase the exposure of the app. We hope that these changes soon might come to other categories.

The key point to be noted in here is that Google is changing itself from the traditional metrics and giving importance to the metrics that matters. So if you are looking to build an app you must think in the way Google ranks. You need to satisfy the users and their ease and value offered plays a huge role. We have already discussed about the ways to increase the user engagement in an app.


This move will bring in lot of changes among the top rated apps and relevant apps will get more attention. To make use of this, the app developers or the entrepreneurs should think in a way to make the app more relevant to the users rather than thinking on the click bait. The idea development has to have a strong root to make it successful. This change will help the original ideas flourish among the identical apps.

Marketing Task:

As far as the task of a marketeer is concerned the unique point of the app has to be communicated to bring the user to user base. It is then in the hand of the technical team who designed the app to convert as a successful venture. On the surface it looks like the job of the marketing team might be irrelevant but deep down it has shifted the work load from finished stage to market research. This is a crucial move to attain a value added app.

As concluding note, we have seen clearly that the developers play the crucial role in the success of an App Venture. So if you are outsourcing your app development make sure that the developers keeps this algorithm in mind. You can check our post on the things to keep in mind before developing an app. This will give you an insight about the way we work. We have developed numerous apps in varied domains.

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