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5 ways to optimize the performance of the testing team

In this blog, we can see how to increase the performance and potential of the testing team. The QA team has lots project to be tested at the same time with limited resources. To tackle this scenario testing team’s potential and performance should be increased.

There are many ways to optimize the performance of the testing team and we can see 5 common ways to optimize the performance of the testing team.

1. Plan and Communicate Clearly

Ensure that the testing team has a better understanding of all the information about the project and the testing plan. planning is the important task which will not only make the process smoother but will help in identifying the process flow for testing for more efficient. If there are any changes it should be immediately communicated to the testing team. and each and every app upgrade that requires additional testing cycles should be planned in advance to reduce the time consumption and work delay. The test plan should consist of size of an update or feature, when the update is bigger there will more work for QA team

2. Involve Testers in Creating the Test Plan

The testers should be involved in each and every requirement gathering phase to improve the testing process. By this, the testers can know the requirements clearly and this helps in creating a test plan. This could be a better opportunity for providing the testing team with ideas and suggestions which can lead to new test scenarios.

3. Promote a Collaborative Environment

Bugs should be found and reported immediately and it should also be fixed by developers as soon as possible to reduce the time consumption for bug fixing. Check whether there is smooth communication between testing team and development team. There should be collaborative work environment to reduce the risk of insufficient bug fixing and also reduce the process delay. You can also track the time taken for bug fixing, which helps you in planning the release. You can also use the data to reduce the number of defects from one build another build.

4. Provide Opportunities for Learning

There are many new opportunities which can be encouraged. Allow your QA team to participate in training workshops and seminars to increase the quality of testing. The more knowledge gained by the testers about the software application they are testing, the more new and useful ideas will be raised. This will result in perfecting the process.

5. Use effective communication tools

To increase the efficiency of the testing team, a new proper system with an efficient tool for documentation should be provided to track the bugs more easily. The bugs should be tracked periodically to understand the effectiveness of the testing plans and also the priority and severity of the bugs can be tracked.
With the above tips, the efficiency and potential of the testing team can be increased and quality of the products can be reached to the new heights.

In this blog, you have learned how to increase the performance and potential of the testing team, and I will be with another new topic in my next blog.


Kumaresan T,
Test Engineer,
Mallow Technologies.

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