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5 Things to consider before creating your restaurant app

Restaurant business is one of the most crucial business and digitization of the same acts as a value proposition. One can create an app to make it convenient for the users to order and get the food. Before developing an app for your restaurant you need to keep in mind about these points which will help you crafting the app. These points will provide the need to perfect the app and give the customer a higher value proposition.

Easy ordering and engagement:

One of the primary reason to opt-in for an mobile application is that it gives the user flexibility and customisation of ordering the menu. By designing a proper UI and giving an excellent user experience you can easily capture the users. By improving the engagement towards the app you can easily tap the users to try your dishes.

Payment Integration:

Integrating payment is one of the most important you need to concentrate on before creating an app. The location of your restaurant plays a major role in the payment integration mode. The majorly used service available to your customers has to be integrated, the payment mode should make it easier rather than tedious.

In the app named bubbleology, we have integrated the Braintree payment gateway. The company which is based in UK is spread across Europe and America needed a single payment integration which supports payment in all countries. Braintree payment gateway was chosen based on their requirement. Strype, PayPal are some other payment gateways which can be of use based on the needs.

Customer Retention:

Acquiring a new customer costs more than that of anything else. So the app should be catering the need of customer retention. Preparing a loyalty program to delight the repeat customers is the most important task. The value proposition should be higher for the repeat purchase and features should be added to increase the engagement rate.

Extensive Marketing:

When you decide to go for an app, it should completely utilise the features and data available to customise the marketing of the product. You can personalise the offers based on the data collected from the customer. For example, for a registered user you can spend a special offer notification on special occasion such as Birthdays, anniversary days and so on. This kind of gives the personal touch which makes the consumer to visit your restaurant again. Location based offers can be rolled out with the help of push notifications that can trigger the instant buyers. Excelling in Location based push notification should be handled effectively. If you are planning to outsource your app building then you should be keen on the company which excels in building the similar kind of apps. We in mallow technologies have worked extensively with the apps which uses the geo location to send notification and information.

Referral and Social Sharing:

You should remember the fact that in the age of social media, word of mouth and social shares plays a major role. Providing referral points makes a repeated customer a brand ambassador. The app should contain the feature that lets the user share the refer an offer to others easily. Social sharing and posting reviews of your restaurants should be made easy so that it helps you widen your reach. At the same time you should be careful not to over do the same. If you are asking for rating then it should be done in a decent interval, if not the customer gets irritated and it leads to deteriorating ratings.

Thus by keeping these 5 factors in mind you can create an app which can actually help you in growing your business exponentially. These factors emphasise on the user’s perspective. In coming weeks we will see the factors that has to be taken care from the backend’s perspective to create an app for a restaurant. We at Mallow technologies have helped Bubbleology to completely digitise their product and have also worked on a Interactive Restaurant app which also serve as a POS. This can be your value proposition and differentiator.


Marketing Team,
Mallow Technologies.

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