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5 Things to consider before creating your restaurant app – II

In our previous post, we saw in detail about the factors that have to be considered for building an app for your restaurant in user’s perspective. In this post, we are going to see in detail about the 5 factors from the backend/ management perspective. The five factors that should be considered are as follows.,


The functionality of the app has to be laid clear before proceeding with the app creation. The functions and features that the app has to be understood thoroughly. This helps clearly to develop the application in a manner it is touted to be. If the basic functionality is not clear then the app might not be able to take the expected final shape nor gives the expected result. Also, the functions should be listed out along the priority of each function.

End user features:

First of all, things that have to be considered by the admin side is the end user. If a restaurant is building a POS app it has to be sure about the customer expectations and booking. Whether the booking is integrated with the app or not and if not how to sync the bookings matters. The ease of options given to the customer should be ease to the employee’s side too.

Technical needs:

The most important aspect in helping the management through a POS app is inventory management. By giving permissions to the app in monitoring the inventory and orders it can keep track of the inventory and cushion capacity. The admin team can either be intimated about the stock or the app itself can be made to re-order if the inventory falls below the minimum capacity. This helps in reducing the service failure and meet the surging demands. Similarly, the other technical needs have to be catered so that the app improves the efficiency.


Scaling up the app is another feature that has to be taken care. If the app is going to be used at one facility or it is going to be at a combined facility has to be noted. If a company is planning to switch for a franchise or centrally controlled facility then the expansion plays a major role. 

Scope & Budget:

The scope of the app should say whether the app is restricted in certain aspects or is it digitizing the entire restaurant. At the latter case, the budget plays a major role in deciding the app development. When the ballpark estimate exceeds the budget then the company has to sort out the prioritized functions and aspects and go on with the application. The final product should be in line with the scope of the organization.

These are factors to be noted on the admin side before developing a restaurant application. Both the end users and the admin side factors have to considered before developing an application to cater the needs of both end user and employees.


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