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5 factors for Appreneurs to market their apps

In the increasing world of Appreneurs, it is very important to set the basic rules of marketing an app right. Today we are going to see in detail about the 5 important factors that has to be set right before planning the marketing strategy for your app. The five important factors are as follows.

  • ASO and Mobile SEO
  • Right Metrics
  • User Engagement & Retention
  • Feedback
  • Choice to the user

ASO and Mobile SEO:

First and foremost factor that has to be taken care of is the ASO or App Store optimisation. In order to reach the right target market it is essential to use the perfect keywords and description. The words and description space has to be utilised properly so that the app should be easily discoverable while searching. Thus it is given prime focus before marketing an app.

Right Metrics:

The second important factor is setting the right metrics. Any marketing effort is inefficient if it can’t measure the effectiveness of the same. The measure should rightly represent the business and reach. If the metrics fails to show the scenario of the app then there is no use in measuring them. The relevance and the time spent in measuring plays a huge role. These metrics shows the efforts of the marketing activities and gives a platform and direction to work further.

User Engagement & Retention:

App installations are no more a viable metric nor a way to judge an app. The user engagement attracted by the app defines the success of an application. Retention of the application is another factor that has to be taken care in marketing the application. The marketing activity should not only concentrate of the app installs but rather it should also keep in mind about the user engagement and retention.


Another important factor to be remembered for marketing the application is feedback. Honest feedback from the customers has to be taken seriously. By listening to the users and responding them aptly increases the goodwill of the application among the users. Although it looks just like a technique to increase the brand image, it is also the basis for improving the product. The product optimised based on the feedback will be received well from the audience.

User’s choice:

An user appreciates if he was present with a choice to make any decision. Actions such as push notifications and seeking review for the products are necessary but the user should be given a choice to mute it too. If the push notification and asking for a review or rating is frequent it will annoy the user. The frequency should be maintained proper and if possible some value addition has to be given to the user for ratings and reviews. This engages the user in giving a proper rating.

Thus we have seen the 5 important factors to be considered while marketing an application. By taking care of these factors the success of an application in the market can be ensured.

Marketing Team,
Mallow Technologies.

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