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7 factors to increase the user engagement for your App

Success or a failure of an app depends entirely on the user engagement of the particular app. In this post we are going to see in detail about the 7 factors that plays a major role in increasing the user engagement for your application. By concentrating on these factors you can easily improve the engagement of the user significantly. 

Core value proposition

While developing an app, it is not advisable to bombard all the features at the same time. By doing so you might not know the user’s priority for each feature. Understand the core problem you need to solve and give the proper feature right. Then you can add other features on the go. This is because you should know the priority of the users. If you satisfy their most prioritised problem the chances are high for an user to use your app.

Target audience

You should be very much aware about your target audience. With the help of Analytics you will be able to see the demographics of the users and based on that you need to ensure that the app is serving the mindset and purpose of the particular target group. Knowing the sensibilities and preference of the target audience is so much important and the app has to be modified according to their needs. Another important thing is you need to ensure that the reach is high among your target group and also note response from the target group.  


Design or UX/UI forms the major factor in engaging the users. The colours, interaction and navigation plays a major role in engaging the user to use the app. If it hurts the eye or difficult to navigate and not smooth then user is put off and might not come back to use the app. The navigation has to be intuitive and simple. For example if you are creating a e-commerce app then the buy button has to near the right thumb in that way it makes it easier to click. This gives a huge advantage in converting the purchase of impulse buyers. Also any features for the user to get noted has to be intuitive and explicit. Keeping it hard to find makes the user reluctant to use again.


Localisation gives a better feel to the target niche audiences. Localisation gives a personal connect to the users. If given an option between two equally good apps, the user always prefers the app with personal connect. Especially if you are targeting Russia, France and scandinavian countries presenting them the option of local language will give you an edge over the other apps.

Push notification & Platform Optimisation

Push notifications is one of the key factor that increases user engagement tremendously. Also with the use of proximity marketing you can give a push notification with special offers on particular place where the chances are high to agree. Also another major feature is using the features available in the platform to the fullest. For example, latest iOS introduced Siri with few changes and  integrating it with your app gives an edge over the other apps. If a new keyboard is released your app has to integrate features of it.


Feedback is an important factor you need to concentrate to make the app user friendly. Its the users who have to convey the direction and the needs of the app. Also don’t frequently ask for user reviews for the app. It might just annoy the user from using the app on its entirety. Feedbacks has to be detailed rather than yes or no, these detailed feedbacks give more inputs than any other factor. Another important thing is that you need to be perfect and proper in responding to the feedbacks. You should convey the user that you take feedbacks very seriously.


Analytics forms the backbone of any web or mobile application today. Metrics to be measured plays a major role in your Analytics. You need to concentrate on which metric to be measured. These metrics used in Analytics guides you in further direction of your app. You should note the screen in which maximum drop occurs and the reason behind the drop so to rectify it. Noting the frequently used feature can be given a shortcut for easy access. You should carefully analyse the data and make changes in the application.


Updates help you in keeping the app relevant among the ever dynamic environment. The updates had to be frequent, not once in a blue moon. It should add some value to the users rather than namesake updates. Also updates are the best possible way to give small changes that the users might like. This is a chance for you to delight to the users. Introducing exciting features that may not be the core priority can be done in this phase. Providing such updates and making the operation better makes the user engaged to the app.

These above mentioned steps should be followed systematically for each app you have developed. If you follow these steps regularly, then the user engagement will increase considerably. This is a general systematic procedure to make your app substantial for the user.

Yogesh M,
iOS Team,

Mallow Technologies.

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