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5 factors to consider before outsourcing your app development

There is always a dilemma whether to outsource the app development or develop in house. Outsourcing an app development gives you numerous advantages. If you have a complex app to be developed, lot of domain expertise needed. Going to a outsourcing partner is wise choice in situation like this. Before choosing your outsourcing partner you should consider these following factors . Let us see those 5 factors to be considered in detail below.
Expertise of the developers:
You are primarily opting for the outsourcing option so that the app has to be built by the experts. The development team should be well versed with technology and platform in which the app to be developed. The versatility in handling the complex problems have to be studied in a detailed manner. You should explore their portfolio to understand their spectrum of their work.
Reputation of the organisation:
Another big factor to be considered is the reliability of the organisation. Their reputation in quality, business and professionalism matters the most. So you might wonder what does it have to do with the product, it basically has everything to do with the product. You are trusting your business model and operation with the company, hence they have to earn the trust. So another big question is how to find that? You cannot just randomly rely based on the reviews alone. Having a talk with them gives you a better idea.
Quality of the product:
Developing a quality product relies on the domain expertise. If the team has no prior experience in particular domain then check the versatility of other apps. If they have proven their versatility in developing complex apps then they can trusted. Check the quality of the apps they have developed for others.
Communication of the team:
Communication not talks about the language expertise of the team but it speaks about the understanding your core idea . The team might be well versed with the language but if they can’t grasp and visualise your idea then the final outcome might not be as expected. It is very important that the communication is clear. There shouldn’t be a gap between the expectation and result. You need to check if the teams can visualise your ideas . You can check that by wireframes creation.
Cost efficiency:
This is one of the important factor to be considered before choosing an outsourcing partner. Opting for a low cost developer is entirely different from partnering with a cost efficient development team. Some firms offer a very low per hour cost but ends up costing you more than you might have spent with a better developer. Also the method of development plays a major role in this. It is advised to opt in for a waterfall method at the initial phase so that you can understand the working methodologies of the company. Once you get enough trust on the development team, then you can move to Agile method of development.
These are the 5 most important factors to be considered before choosing an outsourcing partner for your app development.
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  1. Mobile App Development Company

    Helpful information shared about outsourcing mobile app development.

  2. Outsourcing Vs In-House Development

    No doubt we can cut the cost of development by outsourcing from some low cost countries. But hiring and vetting the right developers is crucial especially when you are outsourcing the core development for your early stage startup.

  3. Phuong Thao

    I am also into outsourcing software outsourcing company in Vietnam. For me, it’s not really much of a big deal on wherever country you outsource to, the important thing is it has good quality and it get to be cost effective.

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