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Last week I had attended a Digital Marketing meet-up, at Rang Mahal, Chennai. The event was organised by ‘Sorav Jain’ of EchoVME. I participated representing Mallow and as a part of learning from the experts.

The meet up had two eminent speakers. First one was ‘Dorai Thodla’. He is the founder of iMorph Innovation Center Private limited. He actively manages many businesses and is a techie with great eye for marketing. His session was about marketing automation.

He classified the tools used for marketing automation into three categories; Free and easy to use tools, inexpensive tools and the expensive tools. One of the key takeaways from his session was, marketers should use the vocabulary of customers. A marketer is should always see from a user perspective than the perspective of an expert.

Then the second session for the day was by ‘Peter Claridge’, Global Marketing Manager at Unmetric. He explained about the reach and the importance of measurement.

More than measurement the metrics that is used was clearly explained. So the metric is not an universal measure but rather goal specific. It was kind of hard to believe the fact, that for company profiles and pages with more than 5 Lakh followers, the organic engagement is less than 3%. This explains the ways of engagement followed by the channels. Due to this reason, the need for the measurement is necessary.

After this, the Digital Marketing Q&A session took place. The panel included experts from EchoVME along with the speakers of the day. Various discussions were held and the panel members cleared the doubts of many participants.

All the participants are marketing personnel from various organisations. It was a great learning experience and the event gave us a better idea in our approach and methods.

Marketing Executive,
Mallow Technologies.

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