My Intern days at Mallow Technologies

‘Ignoring Online marketing is like opening a business but not telling anyone’

Being a digital marketing enthusiast, I joined Mallow Tech as an intern two weeks back. My responsibilities include taking care of the digital proceedings, analyzing its strength and weakness. With experience in social media tools (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin), it is an intriguing profile to learn my ways. The freedom to explore new and innovative ways to brand the product helps me in pushing my limits. I am learning a lot in this process.

As a professional management student, one should know how to optimise the content, suiting the needs of the customer. Various marketing tools are available at my disposal. And it is necessary to understand the customer to do so. This is my key take away from these past two weeks experience.

Another great thing about Mallow is the culture. The work culture is too good, which has given autonomy to work my way. Also the culture supports independent decisions, innovation and so on. These are the prime indicators of the growth of a company in the right direction. It is indeed, a grand welcome for my corporate life.

If I say only about the company and culture, then I won’t be doing any justice to the place it is located at. The company is headquartered in Karur, Tamil Nadu. Karur built on the banks of river Amaravathi, has a history of being a trade center. And following its history, it still is a trade center for exports of textile products. Along with it bus-body building, mosquito nets manufacturing are the other leading businesses.

The people are always busy as a bee and you can see the rush on the weekdays. Majority of the people rely on these businesses on weekly or contractual wages. The life style of the place might not be as advanced with the metro cities but their hearts are indeed.

Mallow Tech has done a great job of locating their HQ at a place where few tech companies prefer. The clear advantage is that businesses don’t have to rush to tier 1 cities to get digital solutions. This also opens the avenue for people to experience working on cutting edge technologies in their home town.

Marketing Intern,
Mallow Technologies.



    Are u giving a training for learner those who are interest in particular domain which is available in our company.If so the main thing would u give an oppourtunity in our company itself .let me know what is? Why because in fb i have seen that intrenship at mallow that’s why i ask u.please rply me and request that don’t ignore this

    1. admin

      Hi Dhanasekaran,

      We have a process through which we select candidates for internship. And for this year we have already chosen the candidates. Being a startup, we do not have the luxury of providing internship for learners interested in particular domain. Thank you for your interest. Do contact the HR team, to see if any thing can be done.

  2. Satyendra Nath Saha

    good one bro..keep it up.expecting few more blogs from u 🙂

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