Zeplin – Choosing right screen size while importing from Sketch?

I came to know about Zeplin through one of our clients. Zeplin is a collaboration tool between designers and developers. It helps in generating style guides and resources automatically.

I faced an issue when exporting the assets from Zeplin. The images size (@1x, @2x, @3x) seemed to differ than the required size. I found that, it is because I had chosen the wrong screen size (density) while importing the Sketch file (screen).


So when you import the Sketch file into Zeplin, make sure you choose the right density same as what you had used in Sketch.


Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 3.18.49 PM

I wanted to share this, since I could not find any official explanation and hoping it would be of some help to people facing this issue.

To know more read Zeplin – Collaboration between UI Designers and Front-end Developers

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  1. az

    Thanks for sharing.
    I faced the same problem a while ago as well, and there wasn’t any doc explaining this.

    Well done!

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  3. Fernando Baz

    Very helpful. One thing to add: I spent some time trying to find how to change density in Sketch. You won’t find a preference, this is done when you export the document.

  4. Viraj

    Thanks a lot! I faced a similar problem!

    1. Gopal

      Welcome !! Hope it solved your issue.

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