The Features of AWS in a Nutshell

Even though the user % of Cloud Computing service has increased still the awareness of Cloud Computing Service and the fear of billing for a small startup company still exists. To give a clear picture on this we have made this blog.

Advantages of Cloud Computing
The Main Advantage of using Cloud Computing is Cost Saving, Reliability, Scalability & Manageability

Cloud Computing Service Providers
Now a days there are many cloud computing services you can just google to get the complete list of providers, almost all of them give at the same nearby rate but there is a lot of difference in the technological service they provide. Many statistical reports and depending on the customer satisfaction AWS seams to have a lead.

AWS Account Creation
Step1: Sign up for an AWS account.
Step2: You need to Enter your billing address and credit card information.
That’s it you now use the AWS free for 12 months with some limited access and you will not be charged until you exceed the free usage limit.

Features of AWS
We will discuss some of the features of AWS and how we can use effectively and do cost cutting in bills.

Amazon S3
Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) as the name we can use to sore data and retrieve data. more frequently stored and accessed data can be in this.

  • In free usage we get 5 GB of Storage, 20,000 Get Requests and 2,000 Put request.
  • It is highly scalable for n for websites with only static content, including HTML files, images, videos, and client-side scripts such as JavaScript.
  • Each object in Amazon S3 has a unique HTTP URL address.

Ideal Usage

  • For static website content

Cost reduction tips.
you pay for what you use no minimum fee. It has 3 pricing components

  1. Storage per GB per Month
  2. Data Transfer per GB per Month
  3. Requests per n thousand request per month.

As the cost is based on the above points don’t use this to sore Idle data such as backups of your database. You can use data Lifecycle to move data from S3 to Glacier.

Amazon Glacier
It is an extremely low-cost with Amazon Glacier, we can store data for as little as $0.01 per gigabyte per month.

Ideal Usage

  • It is used to store data that is not frequently used and may be a long time old data backups.

Cost reduction tips.
It also has the same pay for what you use no minimum fee. It has 3 pricing components

  1. Storage per GB per month.
  2. Data transfer out (per GB per month),
  3. Requests (per thousand UPLOAD and RETRIEVAL requests per month).

So it is very clear that we should not use this for frequently access content. You can retrieve up to 5% of your average monthly storage (pro-rated daily) for free each month.

Amazon EC2
Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a virtual Server Hosting

  • In free usage you get 750 hours per month free for 1 instance.
  • It is used to run dynamic websites using PHP, Rails etc.
  • It can increase or decrease capacity within minutes.

Cost reduction tips.
Pricing of this depends on the No of instance running pre hour per month.
The configuration of the instance.

So if we find any complete Ideal time You can stop the instance from running by using scheduling Amazon Data Pipeline for starting and stoping the instance on time line. Choosing the Configuration of the instance also plays a major role on cost saving.

Due to time constrain we have discussed about only two features we will continue this in our next blog. Until then try to a signup and use a free account to explore the real power.

PHP Team Lead,
Mallow Technologies.


  1. Prakash

    We shall use our own script and free tier Lambda for scheduling the instances instead of complicating it with Data Pipeline.

    1. admin

      Yes we can use our own script which will reduce the cost still, Thanks for the comment. But my objective to create the blog is not only cost cutting but also to explain the features of AWS that is the reason I needed to mention about Data Pipeline.

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