An encounter with UXPin

UXPin is an online UX tool to convert your ideas into virtual forms of wireframes, mockup, prototype, etc.,
We had tried over dozen of wireframe tools, whether it is online or offline, but nothing comes close to UXPin experience in terms of usability and flexibility, which is important to convert your blank ideas into virtual forms.
We had a short stint with UXPin 1.5 years back. At that time we wanted to make a prototype for our product which we dropped, due to resource concern. So we could use(subscribed) it only for couple of months and we didn’t have enough exposure on the tool.
A couple of months back, we were informed by our business analysts team, that we’ve got a very good high profile project. After all the ideas and requirements of the project have been discussed, we decided to confirm the workflow of the project, to avoid the issues and mismatch during the development phase. To do so we required a wireframe tool. It is after an extensive search we decided to have another trial with UXPin.


The other reason that we wanted to try UXPin is the collaboration feature which we have never tried before, because 4 to 5 of our team had to work simultaneously. I must say that the collaboration has helped a lot in this process.
Since we used a different account than what we tried earlier, we had a trial period for 7 days which is considerably not enough time to try any product. Also we decided to try the pro features which includes presentation mode, Photoshop and Sketch imports, etc., The 7 days trial period was about to expire and we hadn’t completed that week’s tasks, as there were some changes in the requirement.
So we had a discussion with the UXPin support team about the situation and even planned to subscribe the pro plan but without collaboration because their pricing structure is not suitable for us. The support team was gracious enough to extend our trial period to 30 days, plus adding 10 more days in the end, for another issue :). And thanks to them we ended up finishing the wireframe within those extended days. And the Client was very satisfied with the it.
We had almost a month time to explore the tool and I must say that it has been a good experience. The one downside, is their pricing, it may be suitable for many clients but not to us. Because we don’t use the tool regularly, we use it only when it is required. Their pricing model is suitable for those who use it always.
It would be good if they provide options to the users for moving projects from one account to another account and an option to start / stop the subscription when required. You have to contact the support team to do the mentioned process, who were really gracious in helping us.
For those who want to convert their quick ideas into wireframes and prototypes, UXPin is the solution.
The next time, I’ll write you my experiences and opinions about more design related topics like tools, work process, etc.,
Design Team,
Mallow Technologies.

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